Open letter to Senate and House of Representative candidates in New York

Recently I sent a letter to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Charles Schumer, and Representative Maurice Hinchey (all of New York) in regard to their lack of comment on the issue of Eric Holder and the DOJ in regard to the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case. But I felt that with the mid-term elections approaching it is not enough to contact the current elected officials of New York.

In an effort of fairness, and to provide voters a more full understanding of the candidates seeking to replace the aboved mentioned incumbents, I have sent the same letter to each candidate seeking to be elected. As with any public figure contacted, all responses will be posted on this site VERBATIM.

In this way the voting public will have one more means by which to judge the candidates and incumbents. Not just by the campaign speeches and political ads, but definitive answers on a subject of national importance.

The following letter was sent to:

Gary Berntsen
Bruce Blakeman
Joe DioGuardi
Jan D Johnson
David Malpass
George Phillips
Jay Townsend

I am a constituent and voter in New York State as well as a member of the press (M V Consulting, Inc. and New York As such I am interested to know your opinions on a issue that has been again gaining attention across the nation. The same questions have been asked of your competitiors and incumbents.

During the 2008 election, members of the New Black Panther Party were involved in an incident that was initially identified as voter registration intimidation in Philadelphia. The incident can be found on Youtube as well as multiple news reports, from live video taken of the incident.

The incident, which appears to be a direct example of violations of Federal laws, was pursued by the Department of Justice after it was made public by the media. The case was won and sentences prepared to be imposed against the New Black Panther members involved (as reported by multiple news agencies), when Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder dropped the case.

Since that time (May 29, 2009), noted civil rights lawyer, activist, and self-acknowledged Liberal Bartle Bull, a witness of the incident has denounced the dismissal of the case. Former DOJ lawyer J. Christian Adams – who has spent years working voter intimidation cases – has recently come before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to state that the New Black Panther Party case was dropped due to an Obama Administration guidance (via Eric Holder) to essentially ignore incidents where people of color are in violation of voter intimidation laws.

Given the facts as they are known, this is an outrage. The Rights of American citizens to vote has been impaired, and it appears that the DOJ is willing to support such denial of Rights based solely on the skin color of those involved.

Yet given these facts, witnesses, a whistleblower. and a open and shut case Congress has essentially avoided comment. In my research I have only found comment from Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) on this matter. More to the point, I have not found comment from any of the New York elected federal officials.

Thus I ask the following questions of you all.

1) Do you believe that the New Black Panther Party violated the voter intimidation laws?
2) Do you believe the case, won by the DOJ, should have been dropped? If so, why?
3) Do you agree that voter intimidation can only be enacted by Whites against people of color, as Former DOJ lawyer J. Christian Adams has stated is the implicit policy of the DOJ under Eric Holder?
4) If you do not agree, when was your first public statement in disagreement?
5) If you do not agree, what action are you involved with to prevent such actions and policy from continuing?

These are simple questions, and while election years politics generally motivates ambiguous responses I look forward to simple answers.

Be advised that this letter is being sent to each of those named above, in addition to having already been sent to the incumbent elected officials you may be competing with in the November mid-term elections. In addition this letter will be found at among other sources available to the public. ANY AND ALL RESPONSES WILL BE PROVIDED TO THE PUBLIC VERBATIM. If you prefer, I am also willing to record your responses via phone or in-person press interviews.

Thank you for your time and attention to this constituent concern.

Michael Vass
President – M V Consulting, Inc.

I await their responses.

About the Author

Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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