What exactly is an “undocumented worker”?

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For a couple of years now the term “undocumented worker” has been creeping into the lexicon, especially by reporters and politicians. A variation on that theme is “undocumented immigrant”. But what does that mean? Why is that terms used? How is it costing you money and potentially your safety?

Well let’s define the term first. Obviously it refers to someone without a document. The document missing is critical though. It means that the documents missing are any form of legal authorization to be in the United States. It is the lack of a passport, work visa, student visa, or any other form of authorization to be in America.

Let’s put that into context. Across the planet there is not a single country that does not REQUIRE it’s population to maintain documents. Passports, driver’s licences, in the more communist nations even travel papers to move about in your own country, ect. In every nation those from somewhere else must have documents authorizing their presence. In every nation in the world not having those documents are a crime.

Now let’s look at it from another view.

Let’s say every nation is a house. The borders are streets. Easy example to envision. So the United States is a house and across the street to the north is a house called Canada, across the street to the south is a house called Mexico, across a lake a house called England, and so on. Every day people from the other side of the lake (following this theme) are knocking on the U.S. front door, getting a pass, and allowed in. People from all nations are doing the same thing in other nations (houses) too. But some people won’t do that.

Some people (for whatever reason) break into houses. Some are burglars, some are addicts, and some are just homeless. But they all commit breaking and entering. Most of those that do this also break into the refrigerator of the house and steal food, find the wallet of the owner of the house and steal money, use the phone and cable, even sleep in the homeowners bed. Most also scurry off and hide when the homeowner looks for them. Some attack the owner.

If any of these criminals get hurt while in the house, they expect the homeowner to pay for their medical bills. If they are around long enough they want to claim squatter’s rights and take a part of the house for themselves. Only in the house of the U.S. is it possible that they can get some of those items.

Thus, in the U.S. a criminal gets a reward for making the crime. And they are bold enough to DEMAND more rewards for committing the crimes.

So now it is clear that “undocumented worker” means criminal. No matter the polispeak, the example above is exactly what is going on. But why use the term “undocumented worker” instead of criminal or illegal alien – which are far more accurate.

Because no one would want to reward a criminal for active participation in a crime. If you carry drugs from Houston to Boston and get caught you go to jail for a crime. If you carry drugs from London to Daytona you go to jail for a crime. If you carry drugs from Mexico City to Los Angeles, and you are an “undocumented worker”, you are a victim (not a criminal) and therefore should be rewarded for your crimes.

Obviously not all “undocumented workers” are drug mules, but many are at some point. Numerous other crimes are connected to illegal immigration, but if you call them “undocumented workers” then the connected crimes become hardships and oppressive acts against them. It makes it sound as if they are being victimized and a nation like the U.S. (that provides more aid to the world than most nations combined) should have sympathy. It’s a way to excuse the crime, like blaming murder on a bad childhood.

Lastly, the cost comes from having to install a burglar alarm (continuing the example of a house). But we also are installing a fence, and perimeter cameras, and guards. Which all cost a lot of money. Yet some of the fugitive criminals already in the house are complaining, because all the extra securtity is unfair to future “undocumented workers”.

When you think of immigration as entering and leaving a house, it all makes sense. “Undocumented workers” are clearly defined, no matter what feel-good term is used to describe them. Thus it is also clear what “immigration reform” is. It is in fact criminal reward law.

Immigration reform does not apply to those with LEGAL authorization in the U.S. It is for those that ILLEGALLY entered the nation. Thus it is illegal immigration reform. But reform is wrong too. The proposed laws do not impede commission of the crime of breaking and entering into the U.S. It does not cause those who have broken the law to suffer for the crime. The proposed law in fact grants the criminals a boon, citizenship. Citizenship that legal immigrants have waited years to gain, if allowed at all to get it. So it is not a reform but a reward.

Immigration reform is a word game. Just like “undocumented workers”. They are meant to make the public think and feel sympathetic to criminals that are actively and purposefully breaking the law. The entire process is dishonest, because to state the truth would guarantee the opposite effect of what sympathizers want.

If President Obama said,

‘We need to give the criminals that have broken into the nation, and plundered our resources while exporting our economy to other nations, help. We need to ensure that they can have a reward for evading the law, and incurring hundreds of millions of dollars in costs every year to try to secure our border and the legal process for those we can catch. We need to reduce our costs (and save money we can then spend on an entitlement program) by lowering our security and ignoring federal law on both the city (sanctuary cities) and State level. We need to give the criminals yet to break into America a reason to break our laws.

We need to do all of this because a single political Party should be capable of converting these rewards into votes and thus maintaining political power. Therefore we must make enacting laws to reward criminal behavior a priority before the 2012 Presidential election, and if at all possible before the 2010 mid-term election.’

If President Obama, labor leaders (unions), and every politician associated with “immigration reform” and “undocumented workers” just said the truth above, the public at least would have a grasp of what really was going on. But none of the above are that bold or brave. None would dare be honest. And all are more concerned about rewarding criminals than the economy, jobs, the law, national security, the national debt, ethics, and so on.

Don’t believe it? Next time you see or hear the words “undocumented worker” replace it with illegal alien – which is far more descriptive and accurate. Think if the comment or written statement sounds as good with part of the truth in place of the PC lie. If this leaves a bad taste in your mouth, remember that when it comes time to (re-)elect politicians – such as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of NY who flipped her position to gain votes – in the mid-term elections.

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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