Repeal Obamacare? 56% say yes.

In more news that won’t be talked about much is the latest view on the Health Care Reform (Obamacare). As was well documented on this blog and in some of the media, the Obamacare was rejected by roughly 60% of the American public since August of 2009. The Obama Administration and Democrats pushed the legislation through, without most elected officials ever reading the 2000+ page document.

Since the passage of the Obamacare, the view of the public remains 56% opposed according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey. Since March the public desire for repeal of Obamacare has not dropped below 54% in weekly polling. Which only continues to amplify the thought that Obamacare was a partisan Party line vote without consideration of the constituents concerns.

How extreme were Democrats in passing Obamacare?

56% of those surveyed have said that they believe Obamacare will increase the federal deficit. According to the latest CBO numbers on the cost (an extra $115 billion on top of the $938 billion), not only the savings promised by President Obama ($110 billion over 10 years) but additional funds will be need to cover the cost. Thus this has been proven accurate.

54% believe the cost of healthcare will increase. 50% expect the quality of care to fall. 63% of seniors, the group most directly affected by and likely to use the Obamacare, are in favor of repealing the Reform.

With Primaries occuring today in Pennslyvania, Lousiana, and elsewhere in the nation there is a question of a backlash against Democrats that voted in favor of the Health Care Reform. That backlash is expected to carry over to the November mid-term elections. Given the consistent polling numbers the backlash may well be severe.

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Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

6 Comments on "Repeal Obamacare? 56% say yes."

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    Ben says:
    So, what it comes down to is that 56% of people believe that health care reform will never benefit them. Just goes to show how stupid and selfish people can be. It is all about what they think will help them and not the good of society. Stupid because the system is unsustainable without reform. Once we get some regulations in the industry, it can continue to be tweaked to improve it and make it more cost effective. If nothing were done, eventually the majority of Americans would lose their insurance as companies continued to drop coverage and insurance companies continued to cherry pick who they will insure. The selfish are the ones who believe that it will never happen to them, so the heck with anyone else. Be careful what you wish for. What if it is repealed, and you find yourself on the losing end of the deal???
    May 19, 12:18 AM

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    Nick says:
    America would benefit if this is repealed. Otherwise we will end up like Greece and Spain. Lazy, Bankrupt Europeans.
    May 19, 1:15 PM

  3. Comment as found at

    Prudence says:
    And 56% is only the tip of the iceberg. This government has not been listening for a long time. A conservative revolution is waiting in the wings saying throwing money at everything is not the way to build society. The alternatives are waiting to swamp this one method government and clean out the remains — despite what Democratic excuse makers are spinning.
    May 19, 3:02 PM

  4. Ben,

    63% of seniors want to repeal the law. Does that say something to you. The people that need a reform the most by 2/3 want to get rid of this. That means something.

    Reform is needed, but this is not reform. It cannot save money, as proven by the CBO already. It overburdens the system, hurting quality of care. It removes the incentive of becoming a doctor, which hurts the system over the long-term. But you call it selfish to be in opposition of that?

    Ok, it’s selfish. I want to see a doctor one-on-one. I want to get the quality of care people in nations already having socialized medicine pay massively to get here. I want the national deficit to be reduced, or at least slowly increase as opposed to the expenential increase to date. I don’t want to be like Europe, because this is America.

    It may be selfish to want these things, but that does not equate to bad for the nation. The things I want, the majority of Americans want. That is supposed to be Democracy, right?

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    Sticklen says:
    Yeah, the ones who need it the most want to repeal it. The average intelligence of people in the country is 0 or so it seems. Other countries with socialized medicine ARE happy with their systems and would fight tooth and nail to keep them from being repealed, even those that were against universal health care in the first place. Any intelligent person knows that the system must be reformed. The present health care reform is a baby step that must continue in a reasonable way that will hold down costs and provide quality care to everyone. What we have now only provides quality care to a small percentage. The rest of us are limited by our insurance companies. We also need to get rid of those ads for drugs on TV. Think about it, everyone who has insurance is paying for them. Let’s figure out what really works best, not what generates the most profits. We need to clean house big time and health care reform is the start.
    May 19, 5:19 PM

  6. Sticklen,

    Ah, I see. The answer is to insult the public because they don’t agree with you. That’s a great debate technique. Far superior to addressing facts.

    As for other countries, you mean like England and Canada? Countries where even Government officials come to America rather than use their in-country doctors? But you are right, the average person in those countries (that can’t afford to travel here and get better care) are happy. As happy as you can be anyway.

    And everyone agrees that reform is needed. But the majority disagree that Obamacare is reform, or what is needed. Of course that is the point right? Put this in place until even more Government controled medicine can be put in it’s place?

    I do agree that the ads are not needed. But I don’t agree on the Obamacare – especially when it can’t even live up to the expectation of cost 2 months after becoming law. It just foretells what will be next.

    Americans aren’t stupid, and a bad deal is just bad.

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