NY Senate candidate Jan Johnson responds to Michael Vass

On Feb 21st I asked Jan D. Johnson 4 questions on Health Care Reform. These questions are the same questions that I have asked Harold Ford Jr., Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Senator Schumer to answer. As of this post, Senator Schumer has provided an automated resonse acknowledging receipt of the email, Senator Gillibrand has not responded with even that much, nor has Ford. But I have received a full response from Jan D. Johnson.

Jan Johnson is the Constitution Party candidate. I have previously provided as much public information on her and her Party as is available, just as I have provided information on Sen. Gillibrand and former Tennessee Representative Ford‘s voting records.

As per my word to you my readers, I now present, VERBATIM, the response from Johnson.

Constitution Party candidate for NY Senator - Jan D. Johnson

Thank you Mr.Vass for the opportunity to answer your well-founded questions. I have given much thought, even before you voiced your concern, as to this horrendous black hole called the Health “Reform” Bill. I also apologize for the lag in time in getting back to you.

1.) From the research that I have done Mr. Vass on the web, I have seen the PDF file – here’s the link: http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h3200ih.pdf (if you haven’t seen it). Buried inside the Bill are very disturbing aspects of what will be instituted for every American, whether they have health insurance or not. As a Constitutionalist these very aspects go against everything the Founding Fathers fought for initially. Here is another link to a newsletter I personally read, when necessary. The author of the newsletter has been very helpful in stating what those aspects are: http://www.naturalnews.com/026733_health_health_care_healthcare.html

What is, to me, one of the most disturbing things is the fact that everyone will be issued a National ID Healthcard. One of the things that President Obama has proposed to implement, in addition to the Health “Reform” Bill, is the fact that all medical facilities/hospitals, etc. will have to update their computer billing systems to make them compatible with a National Database. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Also, I, personally, do not want Federal Tax monies to pay for abortions. It has been proven through polling that the majority of Americans do not want their tax monies funding abortions. It is insanity when it comes to this “issue”. Having gone through Gillibrands Campaign Contributors for 2009 she has major funding from Planned Parenthood, Emily’s list (George Sorros), etc. Needless to say – with the majority of Democrats – they are being governed by who gives what. This is THE reason why the Representatives/Senators do not listen – or write – to their constituents. Before entering the political “race” I was constantly writing emails and faxes. I would receive a receipt of my email being received. This is also the reason why Gillibrand/Schumer did not have any Town Halls during the Summer… they were too afraid to face the “music”. It is a really sad thing – but a blessing in disguise – that the American public finally acted by confronting the corruption coming from Washington.

One other thing I will interject – regarding the Healthcare “Reform” Bill – is the fact that our vitamins and supplements will be regulated through Codex Alimentarius. There are vitamins that have already been taken off the shelves because they are deemed “unsafe” or can only be prescribed by a physician. Once again government control but on a global level. This Bill has more far reaching affects than what is obvious. It will be an even wider door for the government to completely control us.

2) No, I would not support a Bill that I have not read and/or is in part or in whole unwritten. Whatever protocol that would be necessary to be able to read those Bills I would stand upon. From the research I have done on Gillibrand and the Bills that she is sponsoring/co-sponsoring, many of them are in limbo. One in particular that will surely be affected by the Healthcare “Reform” Bill is the James Zagroda Bill. This Bill has to do with the 9/11 First Responders. This is one “issue” I plan to bring to the forefront again.

3) Again, from the research I have done and what the Constitution Party stands upon has much to do with the way our own Government has invaded the American way of life. It is all connected. Here is a link to an excellent article written by Darrell L. Castle, Constitution Party National Committee Vice-Chairman, which I wholeheartedly agree with: http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=1140 The Constitution Party is excellent because it stands on what the Founding Fathers proposed during very similiar times with England and breaking away from the Monarchy. America has slowly been losing our Rights. We want to stop the government from taking and become accountable. Our Senators/Congressmen have become mouthpieces of the Big Corporations.

4) … my answer to this is no. As I have stated in my previous answers, there is more to this than just a Health “Reform” Bill. Much of it is connected to what is happening with our Economy. It is a vicious circle. I have taken an indepth look at Gillibrands past – especially her Campaign Contributions – she has been bought and paid for by the Banks, the Military, Insurance Companies, the Pharmaceuticals, etc. Her “warchest” at the time that was recorded was almost $900,000. She also has strong backing from the White House. She was also an intern for Hillary Clinton. P.S. Gillibrand is being espoused by ACORN among other lobbyists and special interest groups.

And why should New Yorkers vote for me?

Because I want to clean up New York. I want to bring accountability to the policies and the people who have not worked on behalf of New Yorkers. Our state, along with the rest of the Nation, is in serious trouble. We can stop and reverse the effects of what has come from many years of lip service, not just from the Federal Government, but also from the White House. I have seen over the last year a healthy “uprising” from the American public who want the change. I will be there to help lead. I will also be there to answer – not just by email – but through my own accountability to the people I will be serving, not the other way around. It is a great responsibility which, with God’s help, I am ready to partake in.

Again thank you Mr. Vass for giving me the opportunity to shed light on the Constitution Party and what I will be bringing to the Political table. I am very excited about my campaign. There are so many Liberty minded candidates undertaking the same responsibility to take back America. We live in very precarious and tumultuous times and we should not loose hope regardless of how bleak it is. I will keep you updated and posted – I will be doing meet ‘n greets in the near future.

God Bless,
Jan Johnson
U.S. Senate
The Constitution Party

About the Author

Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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  1. Comment as found at http://www.examiner.com/x-34896-Binghamton-Political-Buzz-Examiner~y2010m2d24-NY-Senate-candidate-Jan-Johnson-responds-to-Michael-Vass

    Christopher Kairnes says:
    Although, I do not live in New York nor do I know Ms. Johnson. I do respect her arguments and agree that the Federal Government does not have constitutional authority to mandate such a suspicious piece of legislation. She brings up great points about where the campaign donations are coming from. Follow the money and it will usually take you someone up to something nefarious. I’m concerned also with my medical records being spread across the country. It isn’t the government’s business or anyone else’s to what conditions I may or may not have. She didn’t even get into the penalties and/or jail time for failing to adhere to this abominable elitist attempt to steal even more of our rights to choose for ourselves.
    February 24, 5:15 PM

  2. Anthony says:
    Wow a candidate willing to actually listen to the constituents… The fact she responded to these questions while neither Gillibrand nor Schumer cared to answer back says a lot. Jan Johnson for Senator!

  3. Bud Hazzard says:
    As a native of New York with the interest of New Yorkers in her heart and guided by the founding principles of our Great Union, Jan would serve us best, far above the rest, cleaning up the mess created by loosie goosie politicians that have gone before her. A vote for Jan Johnson is a vote for commonsense conservatism framed by a love for the Constitution of these united States of America.
    February 24, 4:42 PM

  4. Larry Burke says:
    Jan Johnson does seem to offer what we all want, freedom from a big, regulating government.
    February 24, 2:59 PM

  5. I admire and encourage the quality of this candidate to challenge an entrenched Democrat Senator. With 32 weeks to the mid-term elections, it is imprudent to run as a third party candidate because it will siphon away votes from other challengers. To prevail in the retrieval of this Senate seat Jan Johnson should withdraw for this race as a third party candidate if indeed the goal is to unseat Senator Gillebrand. I recommend Jan Johnson publically support the emerging Conservative/Republican candidate to unify the challenge, effort, and voters that will be needed to restore commonsense candidates to the US Senate.

  6. Please have Ms. Johnson look up the proper use of affect and effect. Thank you.

  7. Linda,

    Again, I do not represent or advocate for any candidate for the junior Senator seat in NY or anywhere. The questions asked of Jan Johnson was asked of Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand, and Harold Ford.

    Jan Johnson is the only one of the group asked to respond to date. That response was provided above verbatim, as will be the response of any of those asked.

  8. Mr. Vass,

    Just wondering if you may have an idea where Jan Johnson’s website may be located. I did manage to find a Facebook page, but am wondering if there may be another website to read more about her platform. Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

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