Does Michael Vass work for Fox News?

Since President Obama and the White House have amped up their fued with Fox News, I have noticed something interesting. More and more, commentary and even conversations in public, that disagree with the President’s view are being shouted down with accusations of affiliation with the Republican Party and/or Fox News.

Over the past several days I have had conversations about Health Care Reform, Afghanistan, Cap & Trade, and the Obama Stimulus. These conversations are kind of common as several people I know follow what I write and ask me further questions based on discussions they have at work or things they see on television. From time to time other people ask me questions based on overhearing what I have to say. Often Obama supporters don’t like the facts and analysis I can provide.

But unlike the normal result of these people normally storming off in a huff, now I get comments like

“So can you get me on Fox News?”
“Do you work for Fox News?”
“How long have you been working for the Republican Party?”
“You sound like you’ve been brainwashed by Glenn Beck.”

Before the attacks to discredit a news organization, I never got such responses. Suddenly these comments are being said, meant to disparage me and to reinforce the opinion of the White House. Which I believe is a small minded action.

Effectively, I see the actions of the Obama Administration as attempting to corral thought. To prevent discussion, to hinder expression. They are actively trying to eliminate opposition and force those that disagree into a corner or hiding.

That I feel is unAmerican. It is directly in opposition of the Right to Free Speech. There is no reason that informed individuals should not be able to express what they think. There is no reason anyone should accept the Government dictating what is or is not news.

In China, and Iran, and other nations with oppressive governments we find just this kind of intrusion. Websites and access to the internet is restricted, the news media is run by the government, and conversations in opposition to anything the government does or says can – in some places – result in death. While the Obama Administration is not that extreme, ANYTHING that drives America closer to such an existence is wrong and bad.

As bad as the media was in covering President Bush, he did not EVER accuse any news organization of being false. As often as the media has attacked multiple Presidents, there has never been an attempt to literally remove an organization. Even President Nixon did not declare news media as ficticous – he just refused to speak with them – and we all know how positive it was for Nixon.

I am not a member of the Republican Party, though I do identify myself as a Republican. I am a member of the news media, but I have no affiliation with ANY news organization. I own my company, and am not beholden to anyone for what I write.

I do check my sources. I do not write rumor, and if I make a mistake I will publish the correction. The facts I present are just that (and readily verified), with my commentary being my view. If the Obama Administration, or anyone, does not like that it does not lessen the truth of what I have to say. And those that would compare my work to the results of an organization that has thousands of employees across the world – well I take that as a compliment.

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