What happens if you think about the Obama Administration?

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I was just thinking about something recently. Just the way that politicians have shifted what they say as facts change around them.

The biggest recent example has to be the report on how the Obama Stimulus has worked so far. If you recall, back in February the Obama Administration was boasting broadly that the stimulus would create or “save” 3.5 million jobs – 1 million of which would be in this year. it was to be the first example of the “Change you can believe in”.

Examples of what we were told include (but are not limited to):

And of course there were the 150,000 jobs created or “saved” in May. Which I resoundingly disputed along with CBS of all places

But that was speculation. Many believed the President and VP Joe Biden. They believed that with so much money spent, our money that must be recovered in taxes, there had to be a massive positive effect.

The result, as now provided on a State by State basis, is that 30,000 jobs were created or “saved”. Yes I said 30,000 and not 1 million or 3/4 of a million or even the 150,000 claimed in May. A sum total of 30,000 jobs at a cost of over $2.1 billion dollars. That’s roughly $71,000 per job – with the average job paying about $30,000 each. Yes, I know the numbers don’t add up to the $70 billion or so spent of the Obama Stimulus so far this year.

So what has the Obama Stimulus done? Well in hard hit States like Rhode Island it provided 6 jobs. That’s created or “saved” 6 total jobs. It has caused 344,000 American families to have less food on their tables than without the Obama Stimulus. It has directly contributed to the current $1.4 Trillion deficit to the national budget. Oh, and it made a bunch of skate parks.

Looking at it another way

And it got worse from there.

But here is my thought. Considering how well the Government has done with the Obama Stimulus, and the extra $2 billion cost of Cash For Clunkers (which included delays that some still have not been paid I believe), and the plans for a Cap & Trade Bill that will increase the cost of electricity for individuals and businesses, how can we believe that Health Care Reform will work?

Right now there are 5 separate Health Care Reform Bills. Every one of them costs in excess of $1 Trillion. Not one of them is fully written, thus no one has read the complete plan of what they will cost, what they will do, and how it will be paid for.

I ask the Obama supporters, please explain why I should have any confidence in what President Obama, VP Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Leader of the Senate Harry Reid says?

I ask everyone else, how happy will you be when the White House backtracks from the promised gains and benefits of the Health Care Reform (and Cap & Trade) even though you will have to pay more in taxes and the nation will be in greater debt, while jobs likely will be in much the same status as now?

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