Should the President walk on water?

Recently, President Obama made a statement that

‘They [some in the media] keep asking me – Why haven’t you ended world hunger yet? I’ve only been in office 9 months. What do they expect.’

And I have to agree that such superhuman expectations are insane. Though I find it interesting that President Obama makes this statement as an insult and attack on specific cable news networks and critics. Especially since the people that expected President Obama to walk on water have never been his critics.

Speaking for myself, I have always judged President Obama as a President. As such the buck stops at him. Plus, I hold him at his word. Thus he is responsible for what he has said and what he has done.

President Obama was the one that stated, repeatedly, that Afghanistan was the most important area of fighting that the U.S. could or should be involved with. He chose a lead commander for that theater of operations. And it was President Obama alone that has both ignored his own choice and currently continues to waffle on making a decision on what he has called the most vital area of fighting.

So if I think President Obama is weak and indecisive, it because he is a human that does not follow through.

President Obama was the person that insisted that America must speak with every world leader, even those the diametrically oppose our existence. It was his plan to engage in talks with the likes of Iran, North Korea, and Venezuala. And so far the talks with each of these nations has resulted in an increased threat. North Korea and Iran have launched over a dozen rockets, announcing their growing ability to endanger allies and American interests. Both nation have increased their abilities to create nuclear weapons, and are aggressively moving those programs forward. But America can say that we have talked to them.

So if I don’t feel safer it’s because President Obama is a man and nuclear weapons can’t be turned into daffodils.

President Obama directly and clearly stated that America was headed into a depression greater than ever seen before. He insisted that unless a Stimulus package no one had read was passed immediately America would feel an economic pain never before seen. And since that Bill was passed, with only a fraction of the money allocated being spent, every metric that he claimed as proof has become worse than his projections – even worse than if we had done nothing at all.

In fact, at this point according to reports from States across the nation, the Stimulus is the worst legislation economically in years. Not only did it fail to create jobs in the worst hit States (Rhode Island created or saved 6 jobs at the cost of billions of dollars) it did not create a meaningful number of jobs in States with the least problems (Colorado has a 7.3% unemployment rate – one of the lowest in the nation and below the national average by almost 3%. They created or saved just over 4,600 jobs).

At a cost of $71,400 per job created or saved – jobs that pay on average $32,000 a year – insane amounts of waste have occurred. Thus if I feel President Obama is delusional and a spendthrift, it’s only because I can add.

Now to point all these things out, and there are many others, is to be racist according to some. But I do not believe the Presidency is racial, nor is it biased in any manner to connect promises and actions to results. It is not superhuman to make a plan and to fail at that plan. Nor is the expectation to see some positive results from a plan close to walking on water or ending world hunger.

Perhaps President Obama has confused his critics with the Nobel Peace Prize committee. They hope and expect President Obama will cure world hunger and eliminate nuclear weapons while improving the global economy. They gave him a Peace Prize just for those future accomplishments. Those are superhuman expectations. But they come from his supporters.

I simply want the same things from President Obama that I expect of any President. A cohesive set of plans, action in a timely manner, and actions in the best interest of the nation – not his personal goals and ambitions, nor those of his political party.

Trying to deflect criticism, and hide from the results of actions he has put in place over the last 9 months is not Presidential. It is not superhuman. It is very ordinary and sub-average for a person in the most powerful position in the world.

Perhaps if President Obama spent as much time getting things done in an effective and cost-realistic manner as he does trying to have the world like him I would have less criticism. But he took the job he wanted. And the buck stops at the top.

I don’t want my President to walk on water. But I do expect and demand that he be a President of the nation. Faults and all. If President Obama cannot, or will not, understand that then the remaining 3 years and 3 months will be far less pleasant for him than the past 9 months have been.

Rating 4.00 out of 5

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