Mayor Matt Ryan Interviewed by Michael Vass

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Binghamton, NY (PRWEB) October 16, 2009 — M V Consulting, Inc. released an interview with Binghamton, New York Mayor Matt Ryan and Company President Michael Vass.

Michael Vass, president of M V Consulting and resident of Binghamton, was among the first of the news media to be present at the Civic Center in April of this year, where a mentally impaired man shot and killed multiple innocent people without warning or provocation. This tragic event was reported across the country, and the blogs of M V Consulting, Inc. were among the first to provide coverage.

6 months after this event the national news media has moved on to other events, but Mr. Vass felt that the full story was not provided to the nation. The full measure of the people of Binghamton, the nature of daily life there was indelibly marred by this violent action of an individual as reported by most media. Thus Mr. Vass felt that a follow-up on what has changed and stayed the same in Binghamton needed to be equally placed in the national view.

As part of this follow-up, Mr. Vass was able to interview Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan via telephone. The full video of that interview, and commentary by Mr. Vass can be seen at the Company’s political blog – VASS ( – and its entertainment blog – Black Entertainment USA (

Mr. Vass stated,

“Though Binghamton joined the growing ranks of cities across the nation that have had these unfathomable violent incidents, it is not defined by the shooting just as Seattle, Columbine, and the other cities are not. The people of Binghamton were thrust onto the national consciousness in association with the actions of one disturbed individual, and then were left to remain so marked by the national media. I believe that the media has an obligation to ensure that any place so afflicted never is left with such an event as its lasting legacy.”

“I believe Binghamton is like all the other cities in that good people living decent lives are the overwhelming norm,” Mr. Vass continued. “It may not be the big headline, or ratings grab, but I feel that especially in the wake of such events the nation and the world should be reminded that it is those good people that should be the mark of any place. The media should always emphasize the positive in cities like Binghamton rather than cash in and sully their name. Hopefully this interview and my further comments will help to rectify that to some degree.”

The interview with Mayor Ryan is just under 16 minutes long. It covers some of the changes in Government, and daily life that have occurred since April. In addition it highlights the ability and nature of a community to surmount even the most extreme of situations.

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