Where is N.O.W. on ACORN videos?

I was just thinking about all the writting I’ve been doing as more and more is being shown about ACORN in the past week. And then it hit me like a brick. Where is N.O.W. (National Organization for Women)?

Now is hardly a silent voice when it comes to women’s issues. Well, let me restate that. It is an organization that apparently is very vocal on liberal women’s issues. Which is fine if you agree, but I hardly would define it as an organization for all women in America.

My reasoning comes from 2 things. First is the relative inaction by N.O.W. to all the attacks against former Gov. Sarah Palin. They may not agree with her views (though she is the prime example of a regular woman acheiveing success), but they hardly said a word as she has been attacked by a multitude of male liberals. Which contrasts starkly to the way they were screaming at the hilltops on any imagined or real attack against say Hillary Clinton when she ran for President.

But being a man, I may have missed the hoards of responses defending Palin as a woman from sexist attacks in the media and political circles.

Still I did not miss this item. Not one word from N.O.W. about the ACORN videos.

Imagine that. An organization has employees that advocate and willfully help to reduce women, some of them minors and illegal aliens, to a life of prostitution, and N.O.W. has nothing to say about it.

On thier website they have spoken about the ills of vitamins promoting sex stereotypes, backing a single-payer healthcare plan and/or the President’s health care reform, and repealing the Defense of Marriage Act all this month. They even had several items discussing domestic violence. But not one word on the ACORN videos.

Which seems odd considering that prostitution often leads to violence against women. And they are against that right? They want women to have options well beyond crime and sex for money? They want all women, even illegal aliens, to never suffer being a sex slave?

I’m not against the issues that N.O.W. advoctes (well not all of them – we definitely disagree on health care reform), but I am shocked by the lack of concern they seemingly have on this issue.

So is this becuase they don’t care about the idea of creating illegal brothels? They don’t care about women that are from El Slavador? I doubt that.

Thus I am left with the thought that they are either afraid of ACORN, or they won’t say a word against a liberal organization. No matter how corrupt they might be, or what that organization would do to women in cities across the nation.

I would love for N.O.W. to prove me wrong. To cite statements in articles, on their site or anywhere, with their organization stating how dispicable ACORN has been in advocting prostitution. I want them to let me know where they are rebuking this kind of treatment of women. I’d even be happy if they made the statement some time today.

But it won’t happen. Because they are just like NBC and the rest of the major media. They will ignore it. They will hope it just goes away. And they won’t even think about asking Senator Gillibrand what she was thinking when she voted to continue to fund ACORN as its branches across the nation enable making women little more than a sex toy.

So for every woman that reads this and is pissed off, don’t be mad at me. I haven’t stopped N.O.W. from writing a single word. Hopefully, if you circulate this it might even get them to say something.

But I would really be pissed if they continue to be silent. Because what else would they let slip by, as long as it came from a liberal and/or Democrat?

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