Senator Gillibrand and ACORN – a connection becomes clear

So now it becomes a bit more clear. The connection between Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and ACORN.

As I have stated before Sen. Gillibrand was one of 7 Senators that voted to have ACORN keep it’s funding from the Government. At the time I was at a loss for why this might be the case. Especially in light of the multiple videos highlighting ACORN employees, across the nation, engaging in acts to defraud the Government and abuse taxpayer money.

Then I received an email from a reader in New York State. They refered me to a link at The Albany Project. Which I set about verifying. And then I found the confirmation from the New York Daily News – June 16, 2009.

“ACORN’s PAC has given Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand its seal of approval – a potentially important development for the junior senator as she prepares to face a primary challenge in 2010 from at least one – and possibly more – candidates running to her left.”

Senator Gillibrand got votes promised from ACORN. And likely Working Families Party, which the head of ACORN also is tied to.

Just from my own speculation I believe that this endorsement also carries more than a bit of cash as well. Though not enough to be the top 5 contributors to Senator Gillibrand.

To be fair, ACORN does not show in the top 100 contributors to Senator Gillibrand. ActBlue, Goldman Sachs, the Teamsters Union, Citigroup, Cablevision, Morgan Stanley and Pfizer all do, but not ACORN. At least not directly.

Still, an endorsement form an organization known to (allegedly) commit voter fraud on behalf of Democrat candidates is worth it’s own weight in gold to a junior Senator that was never elected to the position and wants to be re-elected. At least I would believe so.

Perhaps it is this recent and critical (according to the New York Daily News) endorsement that motivated Sen. Gillibrand to be among the very few Democrats in the nation that voted to continue to fund this organization with taxpayer money.

If I am wrong, I welcome Senator Gillibrand to respond to this post. Or she can contact me directly and I will provide that conversation to you my readers verbatim. Or I am always willing to interview Senator Gillibrand in person on video.

Though considering Senator Gillibrand was unwilling to even send me a confirmation email of the emailed and written letter I sent her (and Senator Schumer, and Rep. Hinchey), I doubt her response.

All just a bit of information that I suggest voters in New York State consider while Senator Gillibrand floods the airwaves with political ads celebrating how great she has been for New York State and why we should re-elect her.

Rating 4.00 out of 5

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