President Obama polispeak about 150,000 jobs

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I love the way the Government, and by that I mean the Obama Administration, throws numbers at the public without any regard for accuracy or accountability. Let’s look at the claim by the Obama Administration that the $787 billion stimulus package has already created or saved 150,000 jobs.

First of all that’s just complete polispeak. There isn’t a solid fact in that statement beyond the fact that the Government is spending $787 billion. And the Government knows it.

The Government does not have any data on a single job saved. In fact there is no system in existence ever to determine that a job has been saved. You could just as easily have stated that the sun rose yesterday and that saved millions of jobs. The means of proof is exactly the same, because I said so.

As for jobs created, well that is just as dubious a statement. The Obama Administration may like the idea of being a part of private business, but so far it is not a part of every company out there. Thus it has no idea how many jobs have been directly created from the money allocated so far. In fact the Government has no idea what projects have been started, or how wisely the money given to States has been spent.

According to one source, a grand total of 50 jobs have been created directly from the stimulus package in New York State, with a whopping 1 in Massachusetts. These are the confirmed reports to date. So much for just saying so.

Of course one indication of jobs being created or saved would be the unemployment numbers. They come out each month and directly reflect jobs lost. In February, when the colossal waste of money was approved by the Democrat-led Congress, there were 133,682,000 unemployed. At the end of March the number stood at 133,019,000. That’s a net loss of 663,000. According to my own interpretation of the Dept of Labor numbers some 1,309,000 people lost their jobs since the stimulus bill was passed – from February thru April.

The official numbers from Labor on May won’t be out for another 2 weeks, but for the Obama Administration and Democrats to be correct a net of no less than 813,000 jobs must be noted as gained. That will show a net gain as President Obama states (though that will still be short on the data I directly collected, but I’m giving the benefit of doubt that my math was wrong). Otherwise it means that no jobs were net created and the stimulus package is a failure that is losing jobs – which I will prove to be true.

Of course the Obama Administration has an answer for that

“It doesn’t mean that employment has risen by 150,000,” Thomas E. Gavin of the White House budget office said in an e-mail. “Rather, it means that employment is 150,000 jobs better than it otherwise would have been.”

Don’t you feel better now? Feel more secure in your job? Well here is that proof I mentioned.

Keep in mind that since the bonfire otherwise known as a stimulus plan passed, Chrysler has declared bankruptcy. And along with it went $10 billion, and more than 60,000 jobs (just from the over 1800 dealerships that were closed nationwide, averaging 35 people per dealership conservatively). The Obama stimulus didn’t save a single one. In fact it can be argued that the Obama Administration helped to force Chrysler into bankruptcy.

Let’s not forget that GM is about to follow suit. That will have wasted some $15 billion and will cause another likely tens of thousands of job losses. Which will INCREASE the unemployment of the nation. If the GM bankruptcy cost only a similar number of job losses that’s over 120,000 jobs lost (just from car dealerships alone). Where exactly did the job increases, or saved jobs, President Obama quotes come from? If you know, I think the White House Budget office would like to know.

But to admit these facts is hardly politically advantageous. It will not help guarantee the further plans of wanton spending that President Obama and the Democrats want. It might even cost the President more of his slowly eroding popularity.

Once again Democrats have proven that a smile, polispeak, and a bunch of numbers pulled out of thin air are far more valuable than asking a politician to do the job they were elected to.

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