How does media bias affect Presidential election

For as long as Democratic candidates have been mentioning their desire to run for President most of the major media has been promoting them. Going back as far as 2006 the media was virtually guaranteeing Senator Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the nation. Once Senator Obama took the national attention they began they love affair with him.

While that is not as important a reaction when we are speaking about bloggers, though many of my colleagues are more than capable of swinging independent votes as I believe I am, the major media is meant to be independent. It is the purpose of the media to ask questions, tough questions, of the potential candidates. It is their purpose to inform the public of facts and comments of note by the candidates. It is the fact that they receive more attention and response than bloggers of most any size that we rely on them.

But the media has been remiss in their responsibility. There is no question about this. From the New York Times refusing to allow Senator McCain to write editorials, while approving 8 of Obama’s, to the failure of the media to investigate the relationship of Bill Ayers, the media has failed America.

Gov. Sarah Palin has had her kids, her husband, and her friends investigated by the media. Senator Obama has yet to have his friend Bill Ayers confronted. Yet audio tapes of Ayers decry his belief in anarchism, and interviews has clearly stated his lack of remorse and desire to have inflicted more terrorist acts against America. All of that while he served on a board with Senator Obama, and while he was supporting – if not creating – Obama’s political career.

We have heard about every aspect of Senator McCain’s health. His reports have been reviewed and questioned multiple times. So we know that he is in excellent shape for a man of younger years than he is. But there was no question asked of Senator Biden, who denied to present information about his health which is important because of his past health problems.

And just this week Senator Biden directly stated caution if Senator Obama is elected President. He directly stated that Obama, AND ONLY Obama, would be challenged on the international stage because of his inexperience. He further went on to state that the response of Obama would look inappropriate or bad initially. He even went as far as to say that there are 4 or 5 scenarios that could happen.

The major media failed to ask what those potential national threats might be. They failed to ask how America might protect itself, regardless of who is President. They even failed to notice this dramatic and important fact. Because they don’t want to affect those that might chose to vote for Obama. So they would spite America to satisfy their own wants.

In fact, in a moment of honesty, while interviewing Gov. Sarah Palin one of the few honest views on this matter was recorded.

So think of this. What else is the media not telling you about on the Democratic candidates. What other facts that are they withholding because it can affect your vote. What gain are they expecting in return for their targeted help and support of Democrats?

When the media is willing to ignore facts, and report polarized views, how is the public served? And where will it end? Will they ignore important facts about laws that Democrats want to pass that the public may not support? Will they gain tax or other incentives for their support? Are they being bought or allowing themselves to be compromised?

Most importantly, is Senator Obama and Senator Biden really the best choice for America if the public is not being told all the facts? Or are they the best choice for selected groups with targeted agendas that can mold public thought through deception and omission?

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Michael Vass
Born in 1968, a political commentator for over a decade. Has traveled the U.S. and lived in Moscow and Tsblisi, A former stockbroker and 2014 Congressional candidate. Passionate about politics with emphasis on 1st and 2nd Amendments.

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  1. Comment as found at, where I am author.

    david conaway
    November 10, 2008 @ 12:51 am
    your obviously a republican…
    you are being bias… isn’t that what you accuse of the media to be?

  2. Yes I am a Republican. If you have read my posts I have said so many times. And if you have read my posts, independent research reports, and the admissions of several news agencies themselves you will note that the media bias in favor of President Obama was widespread. To comment on fact is not partisan.

    In addition I made no promise or implication that I would not favor a particular Presidential candidate. I have stated in posts several times that I supported Senator McCain.

    But the big question should be why. What policies made me believe I should vote Republican. Because I do not favor blind partisanship. And in that I believe I have always done well. Unlike the major media I have discussed the pros and cons of every candidate, and my opinion of those factors. Unlike the media I admitted I could be wrong, or that my readers may favor another candidate. And unlike the media I openly promoted voters to vote for whomever they believed it.

    I just asked them to be aware of the policies they would be voting in.

    So no I don’t believe that I was so partisan as to “have a warm feeling in my legs” and other such pro-Obama hype. And I did pay attention to the multiple gaffes and contradictory comments of Vice President Biden. And I mentioned the conflict that exists in the Obama Administration – as I see it so far. And I mentioned the most probable consequences of each candidates platforms.

    This election was a comment on the current President. It was a statement of fear – economic fear. And it was the biggest kick in the ass the media has given the public since yellow journalism. The media failed to present facts and events, or ask questions that voters had questions on. I expect the media hopes to gain something from this massive corporate support. I recieved noting but readers and comments.

    I can live with that. But did you find my commentary to be inaccurate, unfair, or overly biased? Did I promote a candidate to the detriment of facts and events? Did I unfairly present a candidate as to alter votes on a misrepresentation?

    I ask that honestly because I always want to know what my readers think. So far most believed me to be accurate if a bit harsh. And in an election, especially for President, I think that is just right.

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