Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Day message from Michael Vass - 11.22.2007.1

I want to wish everyone a happy and joyous Thanksgiving Day. I hope all my readers are having a day close to their loved ones, with enough food for all, and relaxation from the busy schedule of work.
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For everyone who is planning their shopping schedule for Christmas, and trying to decide where they want to brave the crowds tomorrow, I offer you a different option. I would suggest you that a look at my online store (found at There are t-shirts, mousepads, coffee mugs, Teddy bears, sweatshirts, hoodies, stamps, jewlrey boxes, posters and more that can match most everyone you know. Take a look at the over 200 items found at my store and you might find a great gift that will cut down on all the traveling and crowds you will have to deal with tomorrow.

And for anyone who has said, “I wish I had a bit more money to pay for all bills and gifts from the holiday season” I remind you that the $1,000 give-away contest is still on-going. It’s a free contest, no purchase is required. And it can’t be any more simple to enter. Just send an email stating my age in the body or headline of the message, to That’s it and you will be entered to win at least $1,000 guaranteed. (Hint, you can figure out my age in the About me section on any of my blogs or corporate website. Can it be any easier?)

[For the rules of the contest please look at my press release found at M V Consulting, Inc. Giving Away $1,000 in Holiday Contest - 11.15.2007.1 or PRWeb Press Release]

And for those companies, businesses and individuals that want to help people out there, you can donate to the holiday cash give away as well. Simply use the Chip-In Donation Widget to give whatever you want. The total will show all donations made. 100% of all donations will be given to contest winner(s).

Again I hope that everyone has had a wonderful day and that the Holiday season brings good cheer and joy to all.

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