Final part of response on comment about Rep. Virgil Goode – 12.24.2006.3

Final part of reply on comment…

As to your final point of imposing views. Islam is not imposing anything on America. There have been Muslims in the world long before there was an America. There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world today (by some estimates) and that number is growing as it has been for centuries. Islam has not changed a single law in America. Actions of a small group of men that have a religious faith have caused change in America. It was not their religion but their actions that created the change. That is no different than Timothy McVeigh (non-Muslim), Eric Robert Rudolph (non-Muslim), or Pearl Harbor (Japan is mostly Shinto and Buddhist and during the time of World War II the emperor was regarded as a religious figure). In each case it was the actions and not the religion that caused change.

But if Rep. Goode is to impose his view then that is a problem. It violates our basic principles. The freedom of religion is one of the founding beliefs of this nation. To say that any religion should be restricted is to violate that principle. If one religion can be restricted then any can be. Why not restrict Jews, or Buddhists, or Lutherans. Where does it end, and who has the right to choose?

In addition Rep. Goode would restrict non-European [non-Caucasian] immigrants to this nation. I’m not speaking of illegal aliens, but legal immigrants. His basis is that too many Arabs and Muslims are entering the nation. He said this in an interview with Fox News on the same day I wrote the original post. That sounds racist to me. That is the voice of fear and stupidity. To my knowledge and understanding Rep. Goode has never met Rep. Ellison or any Muslims, yet he seeks to enact actions against both. Where does that come from beyond fear and ignorance and, I think, prejudice. It seems blatant and wrong. It goes against the principles of the nation and sets a precedence for future conditions by which citizens can be judged. Religious bias leads to racial bias and vice versa. Conditions on, or preferences of, citizenship leads to second-class or non-citizenship. I see that little different that how slaves were seen before and after the 13th and 14th Amendments. That is a road I never want to go down, nor allow my nephews and nieces to see.

Personally Rep. Virgil Goode can believe whatever he wishes. His religion is his personal choice as is the manner in which he acts with people of different races and religions that are not his own. That is a right that America is founded on. But as a representative of his state and a member of the government, he does not get that choice. He must work with all other members of the government to advance America, and not just his personal views. Whether he and any of his constituents like it or not America is made up of a mix of every religion and race and group in the world. That is one of the facts that make us great. The sum of our parts makes us greater as a whole. For Rep. Goode to impose his limited views is to weaken the nation and to reduce what America is.

That is the danger and the problem. Those are the issues at hand. To see it any other way is, to me, subterfuge and denial.

This is what I think, what do you think?

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  1. Rev. Donald Spitz | December 25, 2006 at 1:00 am |

    I think Muslims have proven that they are terrorists. Eric Rudolph is not a terrorist, but an anti-terrorist fighter. Those who have killed babykilling abortionists have done so to protect the innocent. People use force everyday to protect the innocent and no one has a problem with it, except when it comes to protecting unborn human beings, then they go ballistic. It’s very simple, the unborn deserve the same protection as the born. Born people are protected with force quite often. Force that you would be glad if it was to protect your children against a murderer. Force that you yourself might use to protect your own children from being murdered. The unborn deserve the same protection. SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

  2. Reverend Spitz, I thank you for reading my blog post, and thank you for commenting.That said I will respond to you comments. The first thing I must say is that the first sentence of your response is both invalid and inflammatory. All Muslims have not proven themselves to be terrorists. Such a statement is blatant stereotyping and wrong. Of the 1.3 billion Muslims only a handful have acted in a manner or connotation that could be called terrorist. To say otherwise is to defame a group unfairly and unjustly. While I take it you have another faith it provides you no reason to make such a blanket statement just as you would not want one made against your faith.As for Eric Rudolph, I respect that you have a specific opinion of the man. I do not share that opinion. If you chose not to read my blog for that reason I accept that. Eric Rudolph was wanted by the FBI for several years, on their most wanted list. Eric Rudolph admitted to killing and injuring over 150 people, which was done via bombings. That combination of factors is enough for me to consider him a domestic terrorist. If you do not agree with that then it is your opinion and I respect it. I will not shy from my own opinion on the matter. I find any bomber, that targets individual civilians without warning or cause, to be a coward and a terrorist. That is my opinion. In America there are multiple avenues available to every citizen to dispute or change any law they might disagree with. I believe the Bible states “Judge not lest ye be judged.” A terrorist that attacks those of an opinion separate of their own, without provocation or warning, is a murderer and that violates what I believe is the 6th commandment – Thou shalt not murder. There is no condition on this commandment. Thus I have no pity or compassion for Eric Rudolph. The fact that you do is a credit to your faith and understanding. Do not expect more from me or my blogs on this matter.Next I will say that the post is not about abortion. I understand you may feel strongly on this subject, but I ask that you reserve such a commentary for an appropriate post. The post is also not about domestic terrorists. It is about the views of one man and how that affects United States policy. Lastly, my blog and the commentary is not a forum for you to promote your religious views. I do not speak about my religious views, if any, in this blog. I ask that you do not either. I do not promote any religion in my posts, but I will point out the facts (pro and con as the subject demands) that deal with any religion as it pertains to the subject I am speaking on. I have spoken about many religions as they deal with the post and will continue to do so in the future. That does not mean I condone or prefer any religion above another. There is no major religion on the face of the earth at this time that has not caused or created wars, slavery and/or prejudice that I am aware of. This is not an opinion but a fact based on historical documents available to anyone that can get to a library or access to the internet.I do not like that you placed a prayer in the commentary. If you wish to do that on your blog or anywhere else on the internet it is your choice. I have not deleted nor modified your post. I do not feel that any comment should be altered or prevented from being seen. That does not mean that I wish to see similar displays. My blogs are not religious and if any group were to try to promote themselves continuously in the commentary, I will take actions to deal with that situation.If anyone disagrees with this, it is your option to never return to my blog sites. I have not coerced anyone to my site, it is your option to visit or to return. If you disagree with a post, please do comment. But keep the comment to the thought of the post and not digress to a side subject that is not material to the post. Thank you.

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