Senators Obama, Clinton and McCain

Recently there was something that I ran across that may be of interest. Well for Democrats anyway. Senator Barack Obama was recently joking on the Conan O’brein show about running for President. I don’t see this as such a joke as it is testing the waters out there to see how people feel about him. And the thought of a potentially African American president. I must say that there a few things that appeal to me about Senator Obama. I like that he has worked hard to get where he is. That he is educated. That he has strong values and sticks by them. And he is an African American. In that order.

I’m sure many of the democrat pollsters and politicos are valuing his appeal with minority voters more than I do. I can only hope that I don’t start hearing people refer to how well Senator Obama speaks. It’s insulting and ignorant. And for those that have forgotten, it’s what was often said when Mr. Colin Powell was rumored to be considering a run at the Presidency. It was so prevalent that comedians (notably Mr. Chris Rock) made many jokes about it.

But ignorant statements or not, I’d rather see the relatively inexperienced Senator Obama run for president as opposed to Senator Clinton. My reasons to oppose her are numerous and can be found throughout my posts here.

Actually my thoughts can be seen right here. In another example of backpedaling on a statement she has made, Senator Clinton tried to retract her rebuke of the youth of today. She was directly apologizing to her daughter though, and not the students at Long Island University. It’s not that I disagree that many of the youth today are grasped by either an attitude of entitlement, or apathy. All too often it can be seen in the African American and Hispanic youth of today in the inner city, and in the White youth at many colleges (ie. Duke lacrosse team – though I admit its not entirely accurate). But rather than stand by the statement, even to say that perhaps her child might be able to work harder – because there are others who are – Senator Clinton instead let’s it be know that her intent was just to raise the bar. I see fear of offending some young voters. Why can’t she seem to make a stand rather than bouncing around trying to get the best option for votes by saying anything and then backing away from it. At least that’s how I see her actions.

On the other end is Senator John McCain, who I respect and like. While Senator McCain hurt his position with the religious right, calling then “agents of intolerance,” he did stand by his statements. That means a lot with me. I would suspect that it means a lot with most voters, that is a politician that stands by his words. Of course politics being what they are, even those that make a stand do bend. And Senator McCain did bend when he was at Liberty University with Rev. Jerry Falwell. But Senator McCain is correct that, “Americans deserve more than tolerance from one another.”It’s not to much to ask for I think. And I think it should be expected. And it should be expected that America does something about the loss of life in Dafur. I agree in that, if for no other reason beyond the large loss of life in a non-eastern european nation, is the fact that Osama bin Laden drew a line in the sand and told us not to. Liberals may not like Senator McCain’s views, but I think everyone has to respect that he stands by them. Even if sometimes he may lean a bit, it’s still better than flipping the position entirely.

This is what I think, what do you think?

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  1. 10:53 AM, May 16, 2006
    Her_Royal_Blaqueness said..

    I am also a fan of Senator Obama. He is definitely a rising star. I don’t think he is ready to run for Presidency, but if he did, it would be an interesting campaign to say the least.

    BTW, love your blog…very informative. I’d love for you to visit my website.
    I am in need of sisters and brothers like yourself with something enlightening to contribute to other members.

    Be blessed!

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