Duke allegations part 2

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Continued from Duke part 1

It should also be understood that for all the technology and television programing that exists today, physical evidence and DNA is not always evident, nor conclusive. While strides in CSI activities have helped to free those wrongly convicted of crimes, and ensuring the conviction of those who did enact criminal actions, they are not in and of themselves the holy grail of law. Lack or the presence of one piece of information is only a part of a prosecution or defense. It is the totality of the facts that should determine the outcome. The key word is should.

That said I am upset with Duke administration. Obviously they cannot be held entirely at fault for the obvious failures that were committed by the parents of these children. Had these boys been raised better, in my opinion, and they engaged in underage drinking and other activities that are common for youth in college, that is one thing. The alleged blatant disregard and lack of respect is not an expression of ‘leaving the nest’ or college ‘experimentation’. Given that, the administration is liable and at fault as the lacrosse team were no bunch of angels before this incident. One third of the 47 man team have had legal problems this year. And I don’t mean that this was a norm for all the sports teams, the legal problems for players in the soccer and baseball teams combined are 6. I would think that such an imbalance of problems with the law should have drawn some attention. This of course brings the question of whether the $500,000 in scholarships and $250,000 in operating expenses, and who knows how much in private donations (like the ones used in the $2.3 million renovation of Koskinen Stadium) affected their actions. Even if they had no effect they now must answer to that accusation.

I also have to wonder how Ryan McFadyen went unnoticed by the administration and coaches. Or even other classmates. Then again his undescribably offensive email was inviting someone, and mentions 2 others that had already accepted his twisted proposal. Perhaps my college was not as prestigious as Duke University but I don’t recall premeditated murder and mutilation as being on the curriculum. The question of what other individuals, or deviants as I would call them, may also be at Duke and spreading their contagion is very real.

As for the Joe’s Dartblog’s of the world, I have a problem with comments that dismiss causes of this situation. Yes part of the blame can go to the Black African American community/culture in that, more than any time in the past – separate of slavery or segregation, the image of Black women is one that is almost purely sexual. The image of Black men is equally sexual and violent. The fact that White America, as a generalization, is enjoying this display and is helping it along is not helpful. In the last 20 years the birth of ‘hard core’ or ‘gansta’ rap has been extensively promoted. With that promotion has come the expression of women, Black African American women especially, as sexual objects and Black African American men as criminals. This has been reinforced in music, music videos, and movies. While entertainers created this expression, it is the owners of media that are responsible for the pervasive nature of this image. And I agree with the observation made by Ms. Erin Texeria that this has influenced men, of all races, in their interactions with black women. Sadly it must be admitted that many women enjoy this ‘ghettofabulous’ lifestyle, just as men enjoy the ‘thuglife’ mentality that is often accompanied by incarceration and death.

Continued in part 3 ….

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