Duke allegations part 1

I have not commented on much lately at VASS. I have had many reasons, some I have shared previously. But I have spent quite a bit of time reading and thinking on the alleged Duke rape case. There is so much going on in this matter that no cursory or short term view of information would have been productive. I cannot say that I have a comprehensive view, nor one that is unbiased, but I at least am letting you know my shortcomings up front.

The most basic overview of this case can be seen in this article by The Charlotte Observer. If this case could be seen this easily no one would be speaking on it. Like many have observed, race and wealth and perceived privilege are issues. And many have used this case to advance political agendas, which in doing so has magnified and divided many. While this case has nothing directly to do with any of those items it does encompass and represent them all.

Certain things should be understood before any further thought or comment. The first is that slavery existed in the 13 colonies and continued for centuries as the nation grew and prospered. The United States has never apologized nor offered any reparation [more of my thoughts on that can be seen at the post Reparations for Black African Americans]. This is the seed that has lead to many of the racial difficulties that exist today. This birthed the Jim Crow laws and the concept that segregation was beneficial. It created the atmosphere of 2nd class citizenship that still pervades in cultural attitudes on all levels in this nation. Examples of that can be seen in my posts on commercials, such as Burger King ad and First entertainment strike to American Express, found at www.blackentainmentblog.com. Another given that must be recognized is that from the original 13 colonies the concept of class-based society was brought and incorporated into our nation. From these 2 thoughts come the basis of many of the problems that this case has surfaced.

The next thought must be that, if guilty, the full weight of the law should be directed at these boys (men do not behave in such a manner). Rape, kidnaping and assault are some of the most heinous and repulsive crimes, so much so that to my knowledge every civilization and religion throughout recorded time have had laws to punish for their enactment. I have no forgiveness for individuals that commit these crimes and wish we had stronger punishments for those that engage in them.

I also have little truck for those that seek to try the victim of such crimes. Any woman deserves to be protected from the animals that would prey upon them. The profession these women may have is irrelevant to that protection, as is their sexual attitudes or activities. There is no justification for this act, and those that do so are – in the kindest terms – flawed in my understanding. I do feel that anyone who would question the profession of a victim, or who would state that the victim was less than a woman and human being (

“Rush Limbaugh, knowing nothing about these people, comfortably dismisses the alleged victim as a ‘ho’.”

) deserves to have various parts of their genitalia hit with a sledgehammer. Repeatedly. And I am sure were the woman in question the sister or mother of the individual making such dehumanizing statements they would feel the same. I at least feel that way without the compulsion of having a familial or personal connection.

Continued in part 2…

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